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Our Chocolates

Uncompromising commitment to quality
Epicure, The Age Feb 2004

All our chocolates are made and sold exclusively onsite.
We use only Callebaut Belgian Couverture chocolate in all our products, made with the finest cocoa beans, natural bourbon vanilla and 100% pure cocoa butter.


Callebaut launched their Certified Fair Trade Couverture Chocolate in January 2011. Callebaut has always been dedicated to ensuring a sustainable enterprise and have gone the further step to gain external fair trade certification for their couverture chocolate. This means we are now able to offer our customers added reassurance that we have sourced our chocolate from a fair supply chain.

Our online store has a limited number of our products available.

All our chocolate contains NO artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

We do not mix or blend this chocolate with any other chocolate, or add any ingredient to stretch it out.

All our dark chocolate is vegan friendly.

The dark chocolate is free of alcohol and animal products and is therefore Halal (not certified).

We receive the dark chocolate certified Kosher Pareve.

However, please note we do not use separate utensils in our kitchen.

Our range of dark chocolate contains the following cocoa solids:

53.8% 62% 63.5% 70%

Our milk chocolate contains a minimum of 33.6% cocoa solids.

Our white chocolate contains a minimum of 28.1% cocoa butter.


Piping detail on truffles

What we sell in store is absolutely fresh, straight out of our kitchen on site. Our chocolates do not get a chance to lose their original freshness of flavour. We pride ourselves in making our own caramel and ganache on site, free of artificial ingredients to prolong shelf life. We make up all our fillings with natural flavours, such as essential oils and top quality essences, which provide strong, real tastes and smells.

In our store our staff take a lot of pride in knowing the ingredients in our chocolates. If you have dietary requirements please tell our staff so they can assist you in your selection. We have vegan friendly, alcohol free, gluten free, glucose free, and sugar-free chocolates (which may be diabetic-friendly) in our range. We have chocolates that do not contain nuts, however, we cannot guarantee that there is no trace of nuts in our products as we use the same kitchen to produce all our chocolate products.

Further information on ingredients can be found in the Dietary Information page.

Accommodations with Taste

Accommodations with Taste are accommodation providers in the region who work with us to pamper their guests with our chocolates and make your stay even more enjoyable. Please be sure to ask about Chocolate Mill chocolates when you book with the following providers:

Bullarto Glades


Cottage Directory


Daylesford Central Motor Inn